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About the Celleugenics Inc.
Medical and Healthcare Center

At our stem cell therapy center, we can help guide you through the stem cell cure process. Once we review you and discuss with you your current ailments and/or medical conditions, we can make professional decisions on whether stem cell therapy is right for you. If approved, we will develop a custom treatment plan that is mapped out for you, so you can understand the process ahead.
Stem tissues are derived from new born umbilical cord stem cells. which can renew and repair damaged cells throughout the body. These stem cells also can manage a variety of diseases including neurological disorders, diabetes, and even heart disease. These undeveloped cells are capable of replicating and/or duplicating themselves into any body cell. This means that if you have a bone, muscle, skin, tendon, or cartilage problem, these cells can rush to the site of injury and begin repairing it immediately.

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We have the most leading qualified therapist for your care.

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The best remedies for your numerous physical and mental health.

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We are always there for you, especially in any kind of emergency.

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Providing you with the best services, we also provide the top Heathcare.

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We dedicate our heart and work only for our Patients.

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Our laboratory is equiped with the finest analysis equipments.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Some of many benefits of stem cell therapy are:

Our Services

We offer many specialized treatments including stem cell therapy and several Injections.



For patients suffering from arthritis pain, chronic inflammation, and tissue damage at the joints, we offer a drug-free, non-surgical alternative.



We have the experience pertaining to a variety of treatment options available for cardiovascular health and healing.



This isn’t the time to take risks with your health. You should consider our Immune Drip and Injections.


Regenerative &

Our injections are utilized with various materials to help stimulate the body’s own capacity to heal and regenerate damaged tissues.


Stem Cell

Stem cells are present in the body to help with tissue development and regeneration; the idea of this treatment is to take stem cells from healthy tissue, and to transfer them over to tissue that has been damaged by disease and/or injury.



Reverse aging is a series of stem cell therapies that will enhance your appearance while it reinvigorates your body and mind.

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